About us

With a focus on Lifelong Learning, the heiSKILLS Competence and Language Centre at Heidelberg University enables the acquisition of individual and interdisciplinary competencies and the development of qualification profiles beyond traditional university studies.

Career Service

The Career Service offers orientation, practical knowledge and decision-making aids for your personal career perspective. Students, doctoral candidates and alumni have access to individual career advice, coaching and the careerMatch career portal, as well as networking opportunities with potential employers at career fairs.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning offers students and lecturers seminars, certificates, consultations and online material regarding study skills for successful university study and didactic competencies for effective teaching. Additional focus is placed on advising faculties and institutes on (further) didactic development of their study programs.

Scientific Training

In cooperation with university institutes, facilities and individual partners, Scientific Training plans, develops and implements heiGRADE certificate programs for university graduates with (initial) work experience.

Language Centre

The Language Centre enables students and university employees as well as members of the general public to acquire and expand general and subject-specific foreign language skills in numerous languages. Additionally, the centre offers international language certificates, and students can take courses in the field of speech science and speech training.