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Waben mit Fahrrad, Leuchttum, Weltkarte und Riesenrad als Symbolbilder für die Teams

About us

With a focus on Lifelong Learnin, the heiSKILLS Competence and Language Centre at Heidelberg University enables the acquisition of individual and interdisciplinary competencies and the development of qualification profiles beyond traditional university studies.

Waben mit Rubik Würfel als Symbolbild für die Angebote


heiSKILLS offers are aimed at different target groups and address important overarching areas. They are offered in various formats, from consultations to courses, seminars, fairs, portals, service and support offers to certificates and e-learning content.

Waben mit Leiter als Symbolbild für die Zertifikate


heiSKILLS certificates enable you to expand your individual qualification profile during your studies, teaching and in your profession. Certificates open up new, study-supplementary and/or professionally relevant subject areas and enable the documentation of acquired expertise for future professional and occupational contexts.