Scientific TrainingGlobal Health

The world has come closer together, is more and more globalized – also reflected in Health issues. This field of study has gained increasing importance and interest in recent years in the face of global health challenges. Global Health needs to be interdisciplinary to improve health and health care.

The Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH) is part of the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University. The institute contributes to the improvement of health through research, teaching and direct services in low- and middle-income countries and at home. Through its teaching, the institute aims to train the next generation of global health researchers and practitioners – change agents in the field of Global Health.


Target audience
  • physicans
  • graduates with professional experiences in health care systems
  • professionals in health care systems
  • social scientists, project manager and coordinators in health care systems
Formate / Duration
full-time attendance or online training / 4 days - 2 semesters
Degree / ECTS
certificate of Heidelberg University or master of science (MSc) / 2 - 60 ECTS