Good Practice Plattform

Seit 2017 laden wir einmal im Quartal in dem Format Meet2Talk zum informellen Erfahrungsaustausch über innovative Lehrprojekte an der Universität Heidelberg ein.


Dr. Stefanie Peykarjou - Developmental Psychology - Institute for Psychology, Heidelberg University
Mittwoch, 28.06.2023

Locked in the “ivory tower” or connected to our world? Researchers’ interest to communicate about science and scientific findings is growing, but few of us have received formal training for this task. Incorporating science communication (SC) into Bachelor’s or Master’s curricula may have far-reaching impact, as both the next generation of researchers and future applied graduates can make use of these skills to become messengers of science. Based on my own experiences and findings from the SC field, I have incorporated SC basics into several Psychology courses, and devised a seminar fully dedicated to SC. Students learned to talk and write about scientific findings, and produced science communication outputs to receive course credit. High-quality outputs were made accessible to a broader public whenever possible. A central teaching aspect seems to be feedback for drafts, which students are encouraged to consider for revising their outputs. Overall, students appreciated the training very much, produced high-quality outputs, and valued the option for disseminating their outputs highly. After an introduction to the topic and an overview of teaching experiences, I look forward to discussing ideas about incorporating SC into teaching in different disciplines with all attendees.

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